Clear Lens Exchange


There are many refractive surgery options available today. Most of them involve a process of modifying the shape of the cornea, as is done with LASIK, Epi-LASEK and PRK. The clear lens exchange procedure is different. This procedure is similar to modern cataract surgery in that the physician uses a multi-focal, intra-ocular implant. The implant is designed with concentric rings that allow the patient to see near, far, and in-between, in other words, more clearly at all distances.

Why Would Someone Choose this Procedure?

The Clear Lens Exchange Procedure is Recommended For:

  • Patients who have Presbyopia, and either Severe Nearsightedness or Farsightedness
  • Patients who are Showing Signs (Even without Symptoms) of the Beginnings of Cataracts
  • Patients who Wish to Eliminate their Dependence on Traditional Bifocal Lenses

How is this Procedure Accomplished?

To perform this procedure, the physician will replace the natural lens inside your eye with the new implant. Creating a very small incision (less than 3 mm) on the white of the eye, the physician is able to use a special piece of equipment that uses ultrasonic vibrations to break apart the natural lens and vacuums it from the eye. The foldable implant is then inserted through the small incision. Once inside, the implant unfolds and is placed into permanent position. The incision that was created is so minuscule that it seals itself and no stitches are required. The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes.

This procedure is performed in our outpatient surgery center – The Center for Advanced Eye Surgery, located on Western Reserve Road in Poland, Ohio.

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