LASIK Procedures


Eye Care Associates

For over 75 years, Eye Care Associates has been the leader in corrective eye care. In 1978, we introduced the first laser to Mahoning County. With this new technology came the ability to diagnose and treat disorders of the retina and choroid.

Today with the continual advancement in technology, we are still setting the standard of care at our sophisticated Laser Center. In the hands of some of the most skilled surgeons in the area, our high speed lasers correct a wide range of vision problems quickly and easily. For our patients, it means less pain, less time and superior results.

Dr. S.A. Erzurum – LASIK Procedure Video

Advanced Laser Systems

At the Center for Advanced Eye Surgery, we use the VISX Star S4 Tracking Laser to perform all refractive procedures. This VISX Star S4 excimer laser system has a faster chair, automatic alignment™ for both eyes along with horizontal alignment capability, multiple treatments, offline programming and the following exciting features:

Variable Spot Beam Technology:

Variable-shaped beams ranging in size from 0.65 to 6.5 millimeters are scanned and offset to allow personalized refractive treatments. Exclusive SmartBeam™ technology adjusts beam size according to treatment, minimizing corneal tissue removal.

ActiveTrak™ 3-D Active Eye Tracking:

The only laser system that can capture all three dimensions of intraoperative eye movements without the requirement of pupillary dilation.

Larger Ablation Zones:

VSS™ (Variable Spot Scanning) technology adds a blend zone that increases the ablation zone by 51%, increasing the overall diameter of the ablation to 8 millimeters.

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